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No matter what type of system you have, whether it is gravity-powered septic system or part of a more sophisticated pressure system, our locally based and operated septic pumping business has the skills and the tools necessary to take care of your septic tank cleaning needs fast.Anyone who has had a septic tank disaster will testify a small blockage or a septic pump failure can quickly cause a sewage backup which is when you really need a septic company on call!  If a backup reaches ground level, we cannot even touch it. At that point you would have to call a hazardous waste company from typically outside our service area to clean it up, and they will charge you a premium for that type of service. 

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Since 1960, our business has been built on our reputation of providing fast, dependable and friendly service at affordable prices, when you need it!  An important part of our service is educating our customers about their septic system and the dangers of not properly maintaining it. * Don’t wait until a minor problem turns into a major one before getting your septic system professionally cleaned.

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If you are experiencing slow flushing, no flush or unpleasant odors from the direction of where your septic system lays, call us right now. We are only minutes away or we will schedule a time that works for you to get your septic problem handled.

Complete Septic Tank Cleaning Includes:

Complete waste removal up to 3,200 gallons

Reduced odor with our deodorizing pump

Quick service - most pumping take only 30 to 45 minutes

Accurate bearing on your lost septic tank with our electronic locator

Over 150 feet of hoses

A complete baffle check and available replacement for every cleaning

2 kinds of certification for the Skagit County Department of Health

Service record reports

Continued health and improvement of your system

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not uncommon for something to go wrong with a septic tank and for repairs to be necessary. Most of the time, these problems are minor and can be handled quickly. If the problem is a broken pipe, for example, that can be repaired rather easily by changing out the pope. If the system has a large problem, such as a crack in it, that may lead to more extensive work. In all cases, it is important to consider the type of repairs needed and the resulting work to determine if it is cost effective to repair the septic tank in the short and long term or repair it.

The cost of septic tank pumping depends on your needs. We are happy to provide you with a quote for the pumping of your tank when you reach out to us directly.

This depends on many things, specifically how large the tank is and how many people are using it. You should have your septic tank pumped, on average, about every three to five years. That is for the average septic system in a home. Keep in mind you may need to have this done more often if you have more people living in the home or you have a smaller tank. If you have not had it done in the last few years, now is a good time to get started.